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Tattoo: NESP 23K
D.O.B:  27 Feb 2000
Adj 205 day wt.: 817 lbs.
Adj 365 day wt.: 1287 lbs.

Semen For Sale
USA Export Qualified
10 Straws: $600
20 Straws: $1,000
50 Straws: $2,000

  AGA 13X Britisher 107Z
SNS Silver Prairie 50B
  SNS Generator's Lady 15Z
S: RVH Silver 50B 26E
  RVH 386 53Y
RVH 53Y Miss 13A
  RVH Yampa Miss 21Y
  Bell L 1087 Masterpiece 90T
96 Sandman 55Y
  96 Standard Lass 55T
D: Std Dom Sandman 55Y Dana 6D
  ILK 300C Lad 30U
Domino 30U Alannah 20A
  Domino L1 2K Miss Rachel 30R

"S" = sire, "D" = dam

Silver 26E Knight 23K - click to enlarge.

Silver Knight placed 1st as a calf at the 2000 Hardisty Field Day, judged by Blaine Brost of Irvine, Alberta.

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